I would like to say that much of this information has come from suggestions by my wonderful teachers and colleagues. I want to pass this information along in the hopes of helping another teacher, student, or performer in the ways that I was through my exploration of these resources. Many of these books have made an impact not only on how I approach the trumpet, but how I perceive things in my every day life. Though the thought of reading extra books and articles may seem like a chore, I truly believe that the books and articles mentioned here are worth taking the time to read and contemplate. If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear them! Feel free to contact me with further resource recommendations so I can add them to the list.

Reading Material

The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey

The Master of Music by Barry Green

Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner

The Talent Code by David Coyle

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin

The World in Six Songs by Daniel J. Levitin

The Savvy Musician by David Cutler

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Rising Strong by Brené Brown


Arban's Complete Conservatory Method

Clarke: Technical Studies for the Cornet

Colin: Advanced Lip Flexibilites

Gekker: Fifteen Studies for Piccolo Trumpet

Irons: 27 Groups of Exercises

Lin: Lip Flexibilities

Mase: Extended Flexibility

Rudd: Collaborative Practice Concepts

Saint-Jacome Grand Method for Trumpet

Schlossberg: Daily Drills and Technical Studies

Shuebruk: Lip Trainers for Trumpet

Shuebruk: Tongue Trainers for Trumpet

Stamp: Warm Ups & Studies

Vacchiano: Trumpet Routines

Williams: Complete Modern Method for Cornet

Transposition Studies

Bordogni: 24 Vocalises

Cafferelli: 100 Melodic Studies

E. Williams: Method of Transposition

Sachse: 100 Studies for Trumpet



Beeler: Method, Book 1

Edwards:  Method, Book 1

Getchell: Practical Studies, Book 1

Kinyon: Breeze-Easy Method, Vol. 1 & 2

Reger: The Talking Trumpet

Wiggins: First Tunes and Studies


Balay: 15 Etudes

Concone: Lyrical Studies

Getchell: Practical Studies, Book 2

Voxman: Selected Studies

Wurm: 62 Selected Etudes for Trumpet


Arban: Fourteen Characteristic Studies

Masterworks for Trumpet (Contains Bousquet, Brandt, Gatti, Saint-Jacome)

Bitsch: 20 Etudes for Trumpet

Charlier: 36 Etudes Trancendantes

Gates: Odd Meter Etudes

Glantz: 48 Studies for the Advanced Trumpeter

Longinotti: Twelve Studies

Smith: Top Tones

Snedecor: Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet (Vol. I & II)

Snedecor: Low Etudes for Trumpet

Tomasi: Six Etudes

Turrin: Etudes and Duets

V. Reynolds: 48 Etudes

Vannetelbosch: 20 Etudes Melodiques

Vizzutti: Advanced Etudes for Trumpet